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I do everything from posters, books and portraits. Specializing fairytales and lgbtq art works.

Cafe poster hanging in a park in Bergen “Nygårdsparken»


Space monster, a series of 12 different artists illustrating the same image. 51.jpg

Cat portrait for christmas!
60.jpgThis is a collection taken our of some of my commissions. I hope you enjoy, and contact me if you would like to commission something from me.

Podcast about gay life, little and small things. “Skeive Råvarer levert av Thorbjørn og Odd”

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Baker portrait of an amazing artist in bake goods. She makes the most colorful cakes I have ever seen. This was a great joy too make, and really my thing to draw. This Artist with cakes will tattoo this on her upper arm. So when that is done I will update the page with the picture of the tattoo.

Link to her instagram page HERE

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Stay Awesome 580

Barber shop series for private commission.


Christmas editorial illustration for “Barn i byen”. About the last times children sing in the school choir before they grow up.

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Our shop logo for “Myte Illustations” original design by Line Marie Syverinsen. Re-design and painted in photoshop by me.




Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 3.14.42 AMIMG_20140903_215839

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 3.15.13 AM