Soon Oslo Pride, the happiest month a year!

My first LGBTQ vlog!
Getting ready for Oslo Pride, a little teaser befor my final pride lgbt vlog will be posted.

Looking forward to celebrate our wonderful Pride month of June. This is one of my favorite times a year. Its the month where we can really spread love and understanding every second of the month. And as I co-manage a shop that sell Pride art every day of the year, i feel i am preparing myself every day.

Like a little christmas elf I draw and create every day of the year. So I can spread love and happiness for all LGBTQ people, and their friends and family. That is why I get so excited and happy this month! I cried the whole day of Oslo pride. Happy tears I might ad.And Oslo showed the best colors I have ever seen.

Hope you enjoy my Vlog. And will follow me in my life in my vlogs in the future. Love NIlle

If you have any Q and As for me comment here or on my vlog at youtube.

Instagram: Nille Illustrations

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