A freelance lifestyle | 3 things that made my life better | Tips and tricks

So here are the THREE things that made my life better. Watch here!Screen Shot 03-30-17 at 01.44 PM

When I started Illustrating and drawing in general I found out how much my back, and hips and everything started hurting!
And after a while I found out that, of course, it had to be because I almost did not move around! (Weirdly enough..)

So if you want to know the three things that really helped me on the way to a better freelance lifestyle. You can check out my video.

To me now Health and illustration goes hand in hand. If you keep your body in 100% working condition, it will reward you, and benefit all aspects of your life.


So here with my little unicorn biker, have a great day!
And if you want to see more of my videos, go to the link down below. And check it out!

Also if you want daily updates from me you can follow me on instagram: nilleillustrations

Loveisloveislove NIlle

Too Check out my last video go here: Go hereUten navn

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