My first VLOG!!

Uten navn.png


Hi my name is Nille, i love drinking coffee my wife and my cat!

And I love making people feel happy. Therefor I specialize in lgbt fairy tales.

Now I am going to show you one of my work spaces. And what I do in a day. “Myte Illustrations” lies in the heart of Bryggen, in Bergen. Our name in English is “Myth Illustrations” Because us three artists that run this shop has myths as our  link. This is a shop I started this october with two other artists. Line and Anna, and here we create some of our art, we package, print and create on a weekly basis.

Keep the shop and workspace tidy and nice for each other. And have weekly meetings. Our mascot is Annas dog Bhoomi. And her boyfriend Curly often helps out in the shop. One of the nice things of having this shop, is that we have space for friends,

We try to make the shop as cozy as possible. For when the costumers and friends come by they feel at home. And In the summer it’s really busy because we are located in Bryggen.

One of the most famous old building in Norway. Living in Bergen is like living in a Norwegian fairy tale with the high mountains, and sea close by. With enough cafes and bars to go around.

The best thing about this shop is that we can show whatever we want. We have a little creatures, landscapes, children’s book illustrations. ‘

My ambition, is working with Lgbt children`s books and individual art pieces. I want the world to see more princess and princes.I want the children of today to grow up and see same sex couples, on a regular basis. When kids get introduced to lgbtq stories at an early age, they get introduced to these stories and find out that it is possible to fall in love with someone of the same gender.

I create drawings and pictures that shows the nostalgic feeling of being home. Feeling safe, and understood. All around understood. With no judgment, all love.

Thank you for reading and watching! To see more of my art  you can click subscribe.

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Lovelovelove Nille


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