“Unicorn bikes are awesome!”

When people walk into my shop and they ask if I have anything for boys! And I say “Yes! Everything here is for all kids”
As late as this summer a 10 year old boy talked his father into letting him buy a picture with a pink cup, pink line around the canvas and a vibrant green tree. With a pink and yellow tree house. He almost cried Because he wanted it so much. And promised two spend his own money on it!
 I am so Glad that we are starting to focus more on even just colors in kids rooms. I believe that it starts with the grown ups in the society, to change what we think are for girls, and what are for boys.
I was lucky as well, I loved robots and electric cars, My parents bought it for me and I was the happiest girl ever. And mind you My favorite color was pink and yellow.
So what I say is spread this this if you agree with me That stereotypes need-to change.
Have an awesome day!
Love Nille

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