LGBTQ ARTIST interview

Last week i got interviewed by Bergen student TV!

Watch the interview here


It was a very nice experience. And I recommend checking it out

The text in ENG:

Nille Horgen is one of the artists behind “Myth Illustrations”. She goal is to normalize children’s relationship to homosexuality and queer families. One of the gallery’s best sellers is a picture of a door sign that says “homo sweet homo.”

– It is a humorous picture, and I like that very much, because it makes the word “homo” Into some thing rather fun and cozy,instead of an insult says Horgen.

Myth Illustrations opened officially in October this year with a launch party and renaming, but Nille Horgen has worked in the gallery since February. She runs Myth Illustrations along with two other artists. All three have their own style, but their art has especially one thing in common: “Fairy tales”screen-shot-02-12-17-at-06-47-pm

– In addition to fairy tales, I focus on LGBT families and their love in my pictures


Nostalgia and love
Horgen has worked extensively with children in the past, both the SFO (After school program) and kindergarten and believes that this could be one of the reasons the fairy tale characterized in the art.

– I am in any case very marked by the child-friendly, and the childish, colors, honesty and joy that children provide. It’s probably something I appreciate very in myself, Horgen tells us.

– I am also influenced by the nostalgia, I think back and find a desire to portray my nice and safe childhood. The love that I have been allowed to learn at home is living in me, she continues.

The idea to create LGBT-art Horgen got when she lived in Amsterdam with her wife.

– We were in a store where I saw some porcelain dolls. It was two girls kissing. At once I thought that we just had to have them. But it was not really those I wanted, it was what they represented. Then I thought but I’m an illustrator! So i make something to have in the house. So that’s how I found out that I would rather be able to create LGBT art myself.
Bitten by the bug:

Horgen has a degree in visual arts, mainly painting more traditional art, but had childrens books courses in my education at Deakin uni in Melbourne.

– After the course i got bitten by the bug, and i would very much like to continue to create children’s books. In addition, my teacher though that I was better at drawing, and that this was something I really should try do more of.


Thank you for following me on my journey. And if you have any questions, PM me or comment down below.

Love Nille

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