Welcome to my etsy shop!

Now I can finally share with you that my pictures can now be purchased in my brand new Etsy shop!!
Here: https://www.etsy.com/no-en/shop/HorgenArtEtsy horgenart!

This is incredibly exciting and I am very proud to have achieved this. It makes me very happy to get to share my art with absolutely every one of you. Currently in the shop you will find illustrations from the former late bloomer exhibition. And a number of new multimedia design, made with ink and Photoshop. All designs can be bought in A3 and A4. Some will also pop up as original black and white drawings.

Hope you all like the new and old designs.
Special assignments given on horgenart@gmail.com11850233_1685839581638852_1671479306_a

From now through December 10% of all prints will be donated to
” Leger uten grenser. ” “Medecins sans frontieres”
For their incredible work and effort.

Have a colorful day!
Love Nille

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