My minions! Design a 100 somethings.

Hi again!
For this 100 design i took upon me to make my own minions. I truly see why they chose to go for the minion design. It is so fun to experiment with.

11728868_854716654604358_4462580514833648284_o (2)   11782465_854716797937677_2133331052492827721_o (2)  Boogie mam

What I did was that I took some friends i made on a cabin trip, and drew them into minions. My minions have different personalities of course. So I accented these in the drawings.

If you want to make one yourself, then take yourself or a friend. Draw their most known feature and find their characteristics and accent them.

copyright Horgenart

All you need a round shape, short trousers and big glasses and there you go. A minion. Thanks for stopping by, and it would be fun to see if you make a minion yourself. So feel free to message me you creations!.

Love Nille



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