Want to make a childrensbook?

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Today I will tell you about the book I made for my sister for her 29th birthday. And how to make one yourself!
If you are creative and do not know what to make for a present, why not make something personal?

Copyright Horgenart
Sister sistahs! “Søstrene Sisters”

This is the front page of my little book, I often start with the front page. Eventhough its often you make it at the end.

My sister and I have a great relationship. And as children there were a lot of ups and down´s as lt tends to be with sisters. She was a great sister but had the tendency to be a little naughty from time to time.

Pink panter kissing and little bird learning to fly #90s cartoon memories.

Next page I chose a memory from our childhood to indicate Nostalgia.

As a little sister you do not always remember all events that occur. But you can be sure your family will be there to remind you. And the best of the stories will remain.

Copyright Horgenart

For this book I drew us developing in age, I started at the age of one and three. And ended up at 26 and 29 years of age.

A sister has to watch out for you. And make sure you look good in pictures. Even at the age of one.

“Strømpebukse” My mom always told my sister to play with me and that didn´t always turn out in my favor. Here she ties my stockings to see if I manage to run. “Stockings”
Copyright Horgenart
Telephone frenzy, And sisters revenge.

In the rest of the book I took memories and filled the pages. As a contrast to all the “Mean” Things she did to me when we were kids, I took the opposite on the last pages. Where I illustrated how nice she is now.

Copyright Horgenart.com

To make the same kind of book you need:

  • several good quality sheets of paper: You take f.eks an A4 sheet of paper and fold it in 4 pieces. It depends on how large of a book you want. And then you cut the paper in two. And there you have 4 pages front and back. I did this with 4 sheets of paper.
  • Pencil and ink: To make your drawings of course. And here you can make whatever you want. Random stories with a red thread as I did. Or an actual storyline.
  • A cutting knife. When you are happy with all your pages, and you want to put the book together. Make a cut in the center of the book with your cutting knife.
  • Silk ribbons and needle: Thread the silk ribbon of your choosing through the needle. And push it through the holes you made with the knife. Tie the ribbons together.
  • metal ruler: At the very end if you want a clean lines book on the edge.
    Take the metal ruler and hold on the edge of all the pages, when the book are closed. Cut with your knife over the uneven edges with a light hand.
  • Now when you are done you should have a perfect little book!
Copyright horgenart.com
Engagement! “IIIIIIK”

I got engaged in May, as you can read here in my blog At:Engagement trip!

And this was my sisters reaction, when I asked her to be my made of honor.

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