2nd design a 100 somethings!

Hi Again guys!

The story of Coraline is about a little girl moving to a new house with her parents. As an only child there isn’t a lot to do in this new place, with no friends. And only an annoying neighbor for a potential friend. What she does not know is that the house has more secret than she can possible imagine.

The original Coraline character design -Laika Studios
The original Coraline character design
-Laika Studios

If you want to get a lot of inspiration for story, design and creative impulses in general I recommend checking out this movie.

For my fan art i took inspiration for the character by using the original character design as shown above and under this text.

Coraline seeing her buttons :S -Laika Studios
Coraline seeing her buttons :S
-Laika Studios

Buttons has a very important part in this movie so i decided to use these in my design.


This 100 somethings is a fan art design of our beloved “Coraline” I used a lot of creative freedom on the design. But tried to stay true to the type of girl she is in the book and movie. Curious, courageous, colorful and lively. And has a darkness inside her. This projects is getting more and more exciting and challenging and looking forward to sharing more. Now I am working on the “Mad hatter.”

My Coraline  copyright Horgenart
My Coraline
copyright Horgenart

Love Nille!

For more information about my blogposts, they will appear at least once a week, on mondays. And sometimes twice a week!
So be sure to check out the page that day if you like these posts.

I have a plan of getting more videos out to show you guys how I work. And a little bit more around my work so stay tuned and get a little taste of creativity every monday.

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