Time lapse| digital drawing | character design | Coraline

This is my version of Coraline!
Here is how much you can improve in 1,5 year of practicing Photoshop.

I use a Cintiq 13hd in Photoshop Cs 5. You can pay monthly for Ps.

Uten navn.png

I wanted with this to show my love for Neil Gaiman’s story of Coraline.

It is my ultimate favorite animation. Because of the detailed work the studio has put into the animation. The story behind it, and the feeling they have created for all ages. No matter how old you feel that Coraline is scary. Even though it is an stop motion animation. This was a quality in movies I loved as a kid and still do.

If you are interested in some more Links from Laika and movies:
“Coraline” – The Biggest Smallest Movie

Uten navna.png

I just wanted to share these amazing links to show how Laika studios work with their animations.

Have a great day! And Ill see you soon.

Love Nille


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