Designing 100 somethings

Hello to you and thanks for joining!

I have just finished my Latebloomer exhibition project and have been looking for a new personal project! The other day I stumbled up on a very talented artist Called Jake Parker.
An illustrator, cartoonist, and concept artist, who has inspired me through his youtube videos. To now take on a new project called “Design 100 somethings”!

“Design 100 somethings” is about pushing through your imagination barriers. You take 1 thing and change it into 100 different variations. The thing you choose can be anything of course. But as narrow as possible. So after a week I could not seem to decide on one thing, so I changed it into one theme “Fan art” instead. Personally my creative process is better with little boundaries. But I might be taught a lesson, and fall for the temptation of starting a accurate project after this one. One of the things I fell for in this project is that it is possible to finish.

Another part of the challenge is to choose a medium or technique you are uncomfortable with. My medium will be Photoshop.

As the theme is fan art I will make all 100 fan arts into my interpretation of the characters.

I am looking forward to having this project to go back to between others. And of course sharing them with you.

Thank you for following me and be sure to subscribe at Jake parkers YouTube channel. He can give you a lot of help and inspiration!

Thank you Jake for giving me more tools to push my creative process further!
And sticking to my artistic vision.

Design 100 something:


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