Exhibition night of “Travel guide for Latebloomers!

This exhibition was one of the most entertaining and enjoyable events I have attended and created.
My co creator Ingrid Marvin was 100% great at everything! And all the people who attended the event had a great time. Thanks to all of you that showed up and supported our project!
We listened to magnificent “Underground-Annie`s” tunes and cover.

I am looking forward to doing this again, and i hope it will be soon. Now its on to new projects, and developing more ideas for this theme later on.

Nille Horgen, Illustrator
Nille Horgen, Illustrator
Ingrid Marvin , Writer
Ingrid Marvin , Writer

About a Latebloomer:
A late bloomer is a woman who likes women. The uniqueness of a bloomer is that she has spent more time than others to venture out of the closet. She blooms late. Perhaps shes even well-grown that day she opens the door and start your journey into the New World

About the background of this travel guide.
The travel guide is a collaborative project between Ingrid Marvin (writer). And I Nille Horgen (Illustrator)
In this guide contains our experiences from falling in love with a woman.

Our desire is to give you as a late bloomer tips and tricks so that the road to your woman will be as memorable and comfortable as possible. Hopefully our experiences can get you you a great woman.
We must also admit that we have mixed in a good dose generalizations on top of it all.

Because that’s how we like it best. Map and compass is not required, this travel guide covers most.

Let your woman traveling begin.

And have good trip!.

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