The international womans day!

Yesterday I had a great International womans day!!
It was amazing great speaches, songs, stands and even dancing at Scandic Bergen!
I defenatly felt more informed and even more interested in our rights.
In this occation I had my FIRST STAND!! Woho!
I had the feeling that I was a shaky little bird, trying out new things. I think, that is what you call going outside your comfort zone..? I had four days to prepare originals for sale, and to fix an izettle.

What I learned from the experience:

  1. Children love my drawings with bright colors.(That one made me most happy)
  2. Amazing what you can produce in four days..
  3. And Lesbians like drawings of other lesbians!
  4. last but no least Its really nice being an apprentice for Gunvor Rasmussen.

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