Viking vernissage

Hello everyone !

The idea of ​​the exhibition was designed by a conversation I had with Ellen and Catherine at a community called “Almekraft” in the city Porsgrunn in Norway. Cathrine is the lady who created . Ellen is the mother of Cathrine who have helped to create this wonderful environment and the concept. A group of alternative therapists under one roof.

We agreed that I should create an exhibition that came from my heart. And use all the good values ​​of almekraft as one of the inspiration sources.
The main theme of this exhibition is myths and Vikings.

Painting for me is like meditation. The biggest reason that I paint is because it is as natural to me as walking. And my joy is to share my process here at the World of Horgen Art.

As the great philosopher Eckart Tolle has stated :
“All true artists Whether they know it or not , Create from a place of no mind . From inner stillness . The mind then give storm to the creative impulse and insight . The breakthrough comes from a moment of stillness and then Creates true beauty .

The exhibition is on at Stogata 187 G, Porsgrunn, Norway. Until the 6th of June!
And one painting is sold. The main big abstract. “Diseblot”

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