Sketching day.

1st sketch out is a study of Simen Strøm Braaten.

A friend from Deakin uni.

Picture of
Photo by:
Thank you guys for inspiring me again.


This exorcise is for sketching fast,and developing your skills.
Not to make the portrait look identical. You can see that mine does not. Its more stretched and he is flatter in the face.Than in the reference. It is very important to have a good tone ref. Like this one.

1. When doing this exorcise pick a photo that you like. And you think are challenging. I for example never draw men. So this time i though why not practice for a bit.
2.This is my second drawing of Simen. And its better, if I keep on going drawing more and more it will be better and better!
3.This one took me about 10 minutes. So its good timing yourself so you do not get hooked on details.
4.You start with 3 minutes. Then 5min, 10 min and after a while you can relax with a 20 min one.
If you do this once or twice a week you will get so much better at observing details.
Thank you for reading. And i hope to see some sketches. Just email me on

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