Portrait. And reference.

“International relations. “

This portrait was my first largescale portrait. It was inspired by my friend Anne. We lived together in Melbourne. When i started this painting I thought of a technique and theme I wanted. This was inter national relations. And the tecnigue was realistic, combined with abstract background.

1. One of the main things to think about is a good reference.
Take your camera and create a good picture for you too look at.
Choose a few of the approximately 150 you photos.

2. Sketch your photos and see witch one that has the best tone. And the one that you think will work best with the emotion you want with your theme.

  3. When you have your sketch you can start drawing it on your canvas. And use your photo and sketch as reference.

Later on i will take you step by step of how i paint a face on the canvas.
With a other portrait.

Process in painting:

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