Mentor artists

 Different artists that inspires me to work with what i want to do!

It is not important what the rest of the crowd wants. But what you want to create! Unless it is a commission. Then you have to be flexible.
The worst thing i can imagine is to not have any artistic freedom.
This i Mark Ryden´s art works. He inspires me mostly with his creative thought process and his imaegry. The Colours are something that i take great inspiration from too.
 Balloon Boy                2000
Oil on Canvas
16″ x 16″

As an artist it is very important to find good, and well achieved artists to take inspiration from.
In many caces whre i find truly good artists i often search for artists that has won prices. And Achieved something in there career. It can be new and old artists. From all different times in the art history. You do not always have to want to pain exactly like them. It can be everything from the colours, use of tone. And of course composition, imagery and even the shapes.
Saint Barbie
Oil on Panel

This is my personal favourite of Ryden´s. To me he has captured the creepy way that a anorexic looking doll can be the icon and role model for so many kids. What is beautiful about paintings is that it can mean so many different things, to different people. This is how i see it. And maybe not the way you see it.
The Meat Magi       1997

Oil on Canvas
20 ” x 24″

You can also find this artist at:

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