“The box” Behind the scenes.

The story behind this animation is that i once heard my friend “Annke Bergli” of  “Annkes Verden”(Annkes world). I thoght it was an lyrical and great song with a kinda Juno feel to it. And wanted to create a music video for it.  On our picture to the right, is my start process for the character design of characters.
I went for a little unorganized storyboard here. Because it was only me who were going to read it.  But in other cases you should make a more organized storyboard. With angles., poinof view, arrows, test, dialog  ,seconds and frames.
 Here  you have more dialog, and you can see what kind of visuals i thought of having in the music video.
Here is my final sketch for the concept, character movements and story. I had to go for simple movements and positions because my puppets were not very flexible.

This is the puppets i used. They are made of:

* Old small clown puppets. Found on fleemarket.
* Foam paper for clothing, and barbie clothes.
* Clay from the arts shop.
This is a while ago so I do not know which clay.
* For head a used aluminum foil, stuck it on the body and shaped the clay around.
(Fasten the head real good. Better then i did..)

* The mouths are cut out. And heres a mouth sheet you can use.

Here is a lip sync sheet that is OK to use.
You have the basic mouths, and very easy to use. Especially for cutout mouths (Southpark mouths.)

The box i actually already had. It´s a box i bought containing a scented candle. =) I cut out and glued on some more foam paper. So it would be in the same style as the characters. If you want to make an animation with more lost and found look. Aka find things around your house and make an animation. You can do that too. A movie like that will be submitted later.

 The extra props in a stop motion makes it look more professional. Especially if the fit the rest of the style to the movie. I went for a naivistic style for this film. So i cut it out of the foam paper i had. So the characters and everything else in the movie, looks like you could find it in a little girls bedroom.
The final stop motion!!!
Music of course by Annke Bergli. Heres her links:

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