The boy with the golden balloon !

My abstract process “Boy with the golden balloon”


This paintings has the title “Boy with the golden balloon”
A sweet story about a little boy and his golden balloons.
The painting are currently hanging in Nicolai Kjerschow´s apartment. And its produced in 2010. So its an older painting of mine.
But definitely the most asked for.

Here you have the painting in process:

1.  The paint in this painting i applied straight on. Without mixing it, this was in my second year of art school.

For me now this is a big no-no. I always prefer mixing the colours. So they will harmonise better.

The way i applied the paint was by pouring it straight onto the canvas, with thin paint. Letting it dry for one of two minutes. Before I start splashing clean water on top.

When the spots has been drying for a bit but not all the way, i apply dry paper. Or just dry it of with a clean tablecloth.

3. When this is done, you can see the spots around on the painting showing the former layer underneath.

Many times i work with either contrasts over and under each other in this way.

When I have a bright yellow underneath i let it dry. Then i apply a wormer and darker yellow on top. f.eks.

With this combination you will see the bright vibrant yellow shining through the wormer layer of yellow on top.

Closeups of the painting:

Here in the closeups, you can see the spots and the layers applied. With small simplified illustrations. As an extra touch to the painting.

2 thoughts on “The boy with the golden balloon !

  1. Thats great that you say that, because a few days ago when I was painting again for the exhibition. I felt that i needed to do this technique to get back to the style that I needed.
    You will defenatly see more of this kind of work later on when I have spare time. =)


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